NUS Annual Conference

(Complete fiction btw)

Their eyes met across a crowded conference floor; a sea of multi-coloured election t-shirts. Jo was a non-binary officer from fibchester and Tom was an activities sabb from a small and specialist union in the north east. Tom felt this strange feeling, that they recognised Jo from somewhere, of course Tom has seen that face on Grindr mere hours ago. Wanting to be sure, Tom got out his Iphone 5 (as sabbs love apple products) and tried to load Grindr but it was sluggish and slow to respond, no doubt it was starting to overload from the sheer number of users that always seem to be at NUS related events.

Jo, feeling confident decided to try and catch Tom during an access break but due to the inaccessibility of conference floor, Jo struggled to wade through the papers and bags sprawled in the aisle by several thoughtless delegates.

It wasn’t until later that evening, after presidential hustings that Jo and Tom would have the opportunity to talk. At an election party for a VP UD candidate (anyone notice is always about the VP UD party) Jo and Tom yet again met each other’s gaze across the room as Lady GaGa’s ‘born this way’ led the party into full swing.

… to be continued

 (next installment subject to feedback; what do you think should happen next)